📃Whitelisting prerequisites

To get your token's graphics updated on the protocol (a sort of "reviewed" status whitelist), you need to provide certain information and take some actions to ensure the safety of our users.

The following details will be required in order for your project to be whitelisted (verified) on the AndromedaSwap protocol interface;

  • Project's whitepaper/documentation (containing tokenomics/roadmap etc).

  • Project's website (optional if a valid/detailed documentation is provided).

  • Team profiles (offers higher chances of listing; but negligible).

  • Burn at least 40% of project trading pair liquidity or alternatively lock 100% of project trading pair liquidity for at least one month.

  • Provide an identity document (not mandatory, but offers the highest chances of getting whitelisted).

To file a submission, fill out the Google form via https://forms.gle/ZezErMcLs4kYciVk7 to get started with the whitelist process.

We may request for a call if there are more details to be requested or there are any special critical information that have to be relayed to the team.

Cheers and good luck to building the next amazing solution on Aleph Zero.

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