Protocol fees

The AndromedaSwap protocol comes with fees to support and cater for its continued development. The fees deducted from the swappers vary with respect to their holdings of the AndromedaSwap token.

Anytime a given pair is traded, a given amount of fees is charged from them.

Similarly, the locker solution has a flat fee associated with it in AZERO which is periodically updated based on market conditions to give a fair pricing model for the community.

Holders with 10,000 ANS and above are charged 0.4% (0.2% sent to the protocol's treasury) of both token pairs, as opposed to non-holders, who are charged 0.8% (0.4% sent to the protocol's treasury). The rest of the deposited tokens for the swap are kept for liquidity providers to earn from (even if they are liable to Impermanent Loss).

Similarly, the Token Locker solution would incur flat fees which will be paid in AndromedaSwap token and will be periodically updated to be relatively affordable based on market rates at any period in time (Updates to the fees will be transparently relayed to the community before any move is made towards change).

Asides from these, every other utility on the protocol is totally free and accessible to anyone to leverage upon; just because we want to be the #1 gateway to DeFi on Aleph Zero.

The platform aims primarily at affordability, security and accessibility and the team is working relentlessly to achieve that.

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